Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Old Enough To Know Better

and not young enough to not care......

Good Morning Sweets,

There are a few things that I just assumed I had out grown and were safely in my doorbell ditching, lame prom dates, and Doc Martin sandals..........................................and Sunburns!!!

Seriously! In high school I had a membership to a tanning salon. Sick right? Now I can't go out in the sun (usually) without putting on at least SPF 30. Even with that level of protection, I can usually eek out a shade darker by the end of the day.

Emily - June 1, 2031
The best looking older people I know are the ones that took care of their skin. Face lifts only tighten people, don't forget. Wear sunblock because no one looks attractive as a giant elbow with legs! That is why HM is helping mitigate the damage.

So how did this happen you ask? Yes well good question. The short answer is POODLES HAVE SUCKY NAVIGATIONAL SENSES.

The sky is up dinkas!
No Buckley, the trail does not continue that way.
To be fair, I should have put sunblock on more than just my face, but I did not expect to be out hiking as long as I was. We sort of got a little lost maybe. A 30 minute hike turned into a 2 hour hike. We saw some beautiful scenery, but we were stuck out in the sun most of the time. Unlike Buckley and HM, I don't have a chest pelt to protect me.

Eat your heart out ladies, he is taken!
In other news, his farmer tan removal is coming along nicely. So with the Thursday Lululemon upload right around the corner, perhaps I should invest in one of their new UPF shirts:

So sweets, consider this a lesson learned (or re-enforced) and just like the morning after a bottle of wine, I vow to NEVER do this again. I mean it this time.....sigh.


  1. I have a garmin suntan from running out here on vacay in Santa Fe and Colorado....I need to start putting sunblock on my arms too! (I usually just do my face/shoulders.)

  2. Bless your heart.... I hate sunburns. I'm so fair complected that I've had more than my fair share. I'm so religious with my sunscreen now (plus it helps keep my millions of freckles from darkening). Right now I am trying to get rid of my flip flop tan lines, guess I have to be more vigilant on my feet. I started to get a tan line from having my iPhone strapped to my arm... that was HOT.

  3. I put on sunscreen every day, all over and I still manage to get burnt every once in a while. Hubby and I are building our house in Georgia right now, so we spend 10+ hours outside each day. I reapply CONSTANTLY!

  4. I got sunburned today too, if it helps. And I feel like those long sleeved tops would be so hot in the summer!

  5. since moving to florida, i had to relearn how important sunscreen's not like when i lived in KC. I need it all the time here! hubs can't seem to get it though and burns almost every weekend


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