Thursday, June 16, 2011

An O-MY Moment

Hey lovely sweets,

First of all, thanks to all of you who participated in my passive aggressive attempt to sell HM on cruiser bikes yesterday. If you have not had your say, it is not too late. I will continue to read all your comments related to the bikes out loud to HM in a very grading, superior, 'you can't ignore me' voice. He loves it. I think the cruiser campaign is working. Although no purchases have been made, he did go to FOUR bike stores with me yesterday. The seed has been planted sweets, now watch it grow!

Moving on to news about ME - I slipped on a pair of jeans last night that I have always loved more in theory (cute white 7 jeans) than in actuality (too tight and made me look hefty). But guess what? I think my increased workout routine has been paying off because when I slipped on the jeans I have not worn in a year.....they actually fit. And I sort of think they looked good. If not, LIE.

I have heard from many sources that you should gauge your weight loss on your clothing and other factors besides the scale. I would say this is especially true for really active people who weight train and do other muscle building activity as part of their journey (as you should). I KNOW muscles weighs more than fat. I KNOW, but it is still really hard to work your tail off and not see that reward of a lower number on the scale. Even though I know I have more muscle than I did last year, it still felt rewarding to slip on those jeans and, in a way, quantify my weight loss. I can't wait until I am skinny enough to wear those skorts I have been hanging on to.....

Do you sweets know what I am saying? Have you ever had that "O-My Moment" where you could see the affects of your hard work?


  1. HOT STUFF! I love those pants and you look great!
    I agree with you about the scale thing. I was just about to post a rant about how I have decided to put my scale in a place where I can longer see it on a daily basis and obsess over what the number says and what I want it to say! Good job, keep up the great work!

  2. I wish I could wear white jeans and look good in them!! NO fair! I agree with the scale thing.. .while I do get on everyday, I only worry when things start to get a little tight.

  3. great blog, just found you :)

    Congrats on getting back into the jeans!! What a great feeling huh?

    Newest follower and I'll back back to


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