Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In A Running State(s) of Mind

Good afternoon sweets,

My dear friend Lori @ It's a Sweaty Life and I do not get to spend as much time together as we used to- She lives in California and I live in Utah now. We have traveled together all over the world, Ireland, Hungary, Croatia, France, Thailand, and Cambodia.

Now HM wants dibs on my big travel destinations (don't worry Lori they are still in our future), so Lori and I decided to make a plan to run a race in all 50 states. This of course will lock in at least 30 years of friendship.......

So far, we can check off California, Utah, Nevada, and Florida (9/2011). Where should we run our next race? Here are some of our top choices:

Have any of you sweets run one of these races? What did you think? Do you know of any races that should be on our list? Lets hear it!


  1. Ragnar Relay in Vegas! Do it! I know it's not in a different state, but whatevs :)

  2. Why not Vegas and blogger convention in December!

  3. I vote for Savannah, it sounds the prettiest!

  4. Thank you for the congrats Em!!! You have a fantastic selection of pcoming races!!!!!!! wow!!

  5. Well, my vote would have to be.... I am not sure yet. I am so excited about this goal we have set for ourselves!


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