Thursday, June 9, 2011

If The Shoe Fits

Hello Sweets,

I know I promised you a full recap of the Xtend Barre class I took last night and I keep my promises (usually). Unfortunately, I was so excited and nervous during my first class that I forgot to snap any photos. Sorry sweets. I am practically this good so just assume this is me:

The class was sooooooooooooooooooo fun. For you sweets in Utah, it is called Xtend Barre SLC. For you sweets in other states, do some research and let us know if there is a barre class in your area! I encourage all of you to give it a try. Because I no longer do pilates on a reformer, I have been looking for a type of exercise that burns out each muscle before moving to the next. Xtend Barre does that for me. We started standing and toning our arms with small weights. The instructor handed me 1lbs weights. I smiled and thought, lady palleeeez I weight lift like hardcore! Oh but I was cursing the 1lbs by the end!!!! After about 15 minutes we put the weights down and moved to the barre. For 30 minutes I only had two thoughts - "ouch" and  "ballerinas are so hardcore!" I have either- always had seats too far back at the ballet.......or ballerinas don't sweat their faces off like I do!

My new socks that I bought at the studio for my first class

During the cool down, yes lying on my back burning out my abs was a welcome "cooldown", I was able to think other thoughts. Ballerinas do a lot of damage to their feet from dancing pointe. The rest of us do the same type of damage by wearing high heels repeatedly. I used to go all day, most days, in heels. Now, I just can't do it. My heels have become decoration and are used for special occasions only.
See my training schedule on the wall?
Just because I dust you, does not mean I don't love you

When my husband makes dinner plans and I am getting ready, I always look at the heels on the shelves that line the perimeter of my closet and yell " DOES THIS RESTAURANT HAVE VALET?" I ain't even walking from the car in some of these puppies!

What about you sweets? Do you wear high heels? How often?


  1. Look at how nice your closet looks!!! Want to come organize mine? I know what you mean about heels, I wear them to work but damn if I'll wear them from the parking garage to the door... I got my trusty flip flops for that and you better believe I'm wearing them.

  2. Love the room! I too have my schedule posted on my front door next to my vision board... It's my encouraging reminder everyday as I walk out the door!

  3. I love your shoe decorations! It reminds me a lot of my sister Sarahs collection of amazing shoes.

    I keep my schedule pretty much with me at all times. I am always analyzing it and making sure I know what I am doing. OCD. thats me =) -Jen

  4. Your closet is so organized. WOW! I just found your blog and really like it!

  5. Loving your heels as decorations. I know what you mean, my mom always wants me to wear heels but I'm on my feet all day, I just can't.


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