Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Trails

Good morning sweets,

I started off my morning by sneaking in a 4 mile run with HM. It was a pretty good one and since it was a flat run, we felt like rock stars! Speaking of rock stars, Buckley wants you sweets to know that he has a new scarf:

Tomorrow, I will be running on that same trail with miss Liz because HM is flying to Arizona today to visit his family. HM and I are really close and spending even the shortest amount of time apart is super hard for us. Sort of sweet, sort of pathetic I know. Normally I would go with him, but this is a last minute trip due to an illness in his family. Send your good vibes to HM and his family!

Getting HM to pose is like...whatever the opposite of taking candy from a baby is...

Don't worry, I burned this outfit after seeing the picture

I am going to have to keep myself extra busy while he is away. That will probably mean extra gym time.

What about you sweets? How do you entertain yourself when you significant other is out of town? Also, Buckley wants to know if you think neon green is his color.

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