Sunday, June 5, 2011

Get Shorty

Good Morning Sweets,

Something big occurred to me yesterday evening. I spent my entire 20's avoiding shorts (didn't even own a pair), yet here I am in my 30's sporting shorts like the are going out of style (but I hope they are not).
Always coordinate your date and handbag.

Seriously, whats up with that?  We went to Vegas to celebrate HM's 30th birthday.This ends the well conditioned joke of me dating/marrying a younger man. Yet here I am experiencing a Renaissance of my "youth".

Botox: Does a forehead good!

I have decided that the 30's are where its at.......I really do. I hope I don't sound conceded when I say that at the ripe age of 31, I am no longer struggling to grow up. Does that make sense to anyone? I feel like my age has finally met my aspirations of the life I want to live. Couldn't be happier.....maybe the natural ability to be slim...............

Which leads me to my next thought. As I get older, it does take more energy(read: more exercise) to maintain the "look" that I want.  I say: Bring it! I will just bribe myself with the monster of all bribes: Lululemon.

At the Mother Ship - Las Vegas
I was a happy little camper- bought the Let It Lose Tank in pink mist- perfect name for the top to wear during this post!  I then promptly went to the gym at the hotel to test it out (also to test my Nike Lunar Glides) for the first time.

Keeping it VERY sweaty!

I guess if I was forced to sum up the purpose of this post (besides to brag about my fabulous weekend shopping) the message would be to RING THE BELLS THAT CAN STILL RING.  What do I mean? Do the best you can with what you got. If it is something that you have the ability to change then change it.....if it is not- then there is no use fretting about it because it is not something you can do anything about. Right? I am glad that I have this perspective in writing.....I may need it later!

I will say that the downside to getting older is that the music gets louder and the college kids get more annoying, but since I can't do anything about that I guess I should just heed my own advice and not fret about it!

Any of you sweets want to share a "man, I am getting older" moment?


  1. Love that you can rock shorts now! You look fantastic, and while I'm still in my 20s, I think it's amazing that there are SO MANY women who feel like the prime of their lives isn't done at 25. I ran a race a few weeks ago where the OVERALL winner was 50. Are you kidding me? That rocks!

  2. I am also 31 and totally agree with you! I'm headed to Vegas in August and visiting Lulu is definitely on my list, too!! :)


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