Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ew, I Got Sweat On Me!

Arghhhh Sweets,

As I write this, I am still red faced and sweaty from our 7 mile run this morning. In the past, I have always started my training on January 1st, with the grand finale being the Salt Lake City Marathon in mid April. In Utah that means I train all winter and run in the snow and then a week or two before the race it magically melts and the temperature soars to 60 degrees. I never realized how lucky I was! We started our run about 8:30am this morning and it felt cool enough.......but that didn't last long.

I am trying to incorporate hills on our long runs and boy did I ever. We decided to try out the recently finished bike trail that starts by our house and runs......well, UP. It passes through a place called Parley's Hollow (off leash dog haven!) before crossing two freeways and then running along the bench of Wasatch Mountains. We ran 3.5 miles and then turned around. I am not sure why it was uphill both ways but this was a very hard run. Probably the most challenging route I have ever "crafted".

Of course, the minute it was over I thought, "that was great! I am sooo tough!" I changed my Garmin display to show Average Pace instead of just pace and that was much more useful. Even with all the hills (and a few walk breaks up the biggest of those hills) we still kept an okay pace. That is by my standards, not yours sweets. I usually feel good about a pace closer to 10 min mile, but I will still take this:

And I will also take this:

Impress me with your toughness sweets. What major sweaty plans do you have for this weekend?


  1. We ran the Wasatch part of Parley's the weekend before Ragnar. NOT fun! I'm very proud of you and HM :)

  2. Woah, that trail sure is hilly. You are awesome for running those 7 miles!

  3. That looks like a fun BIKE ride!


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