Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Dozen Things Summer

Oh sweets,

Summer is here and I am loving every second of it! I know some of you are dying in the heat and to that I say.......bummer dude. I like that, maybe I will start talking like a 'surfer' for the remainder of the season. I am sure HM won't be annoyed at all!

Here are 12 things that mean "summer" to me:

1) Awesome produce!

2) Vacations.

3) Early morning hikes.

4) Pool time and sunbathing - with SPF, duh.

5) Sundresses and sunhats.

6) Bright colors.

7) Fun with friends.

8) Outside dinning.

9) Frozen treats.

10) Road races.

11) Soccer games - Go REAL.

12) Kitties with funny haircuts.

What about you sweets? What says summer to you?


  1. Love the pictures... Ahhh memories. I love how I was with you in most of those pics and looking at them reminds me of awesome times! Next pic... costumes in disneyworld!

  2. Pretty photos, nice colors!

    That vacation spot with the giant rock looks gorgeous!

    And of course I like the one with the pretty green plates.

  3. I just found you by way of the Gourmet Runner! :) Love this post - and yes - those are the best things of summer! Fresh produce, sun dresses, fun hats, bright colors, fun with friends - these are my favorite things! And skipping work to go to the beach and Red Sox games! :)

  4. Summer = bright colored dresses, flip flops, bikinis, and baseball!


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