Sunday, June 12, 2011

Custom Costumes

Hello Sweets,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I had a little time this weekend to brainstorm about costumes for my fall races (Dirty Dash 9/17 and Disney World 9/30). I have pretty much decided on making cavemen outfits for the dirty dash. That idea must have ignited the spark, because it had not occurred to me to wear a costume at the Disney World Wine & Dine until I came across this little number:

Source: Running Skirts

Can you see where I am going sweets? What about if I add this?

Boom. I am going to dress up like Minnie Mouse. Ahh Yeah. Poor HM.....he will look so good in Mickey Mouse ears and these won't he?

Florida is cold right?

If any of you have extra time on your hands, go bug my friend Lori @ It's a Sweaty Life. She is running it as well and I want DEMAND wear a Tinker Bell costume!!! You hear that Lori? I demand thee!

Have You sweets ever dressed up for a race? If so, I wanna see! Send me some pics at


  1. Do I have to wear Mickey's suspenders too?

  2. LOVE the idea of the Minnie Mouse costume, go for it!! Very cute.

    Yeah I was kind of annoyed that the route wasn't an even 6, but since I was with a group, I didn't tack anything on. But ordinarily, I try to keep it even.

  3. I dressed up as one of the baseball/softball players from the RockFord Peaches (old softball movie) for my first half because it was the day before halloween. Check out my profile and you will see a picture at the top of the page. We got a ton of compliments!

  4. Super cute idea! I love the skirt...and the gloves! So jealous you get to do a Disney. I'm trying to convince the hubs that is when we need to take a trip to Disney, when there is a race going on...


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