Friday, June 10, 2011

Come On People, Really? (rant #1)

Top of the morning to you Sweets,

Fair warning: If you are easily offended or are in a bad mood today, I suggest you come back tomorrow.
Still with me? Oh good, that was an empty threat. I really wanted you to stay.

I had a friend, who is also a Sweating Sugar follower, tell me that I only post positive things on my blog. True, but who wants to read all the boring crap that happens in my day? I know I don't and I am the one who has to proof reads my posts! Her comment got me thinking Welcome to my first official 'COME ON PEOPLE, REALLY?' rant post. Want to know what set me off? This:

What does it say in the bottom right of the label? Gluten Free. Apparently, I must have been in a coma because I swear, I woke up one day and half the population had developed an intolerance to Gluten. Boom, overnight. I feel so left out!

Hi, we are evil glutens. Why do you hate us?
Gluten is a protein processed from wheat (and other similar species). It is estimated that 0.9% of the adult population has a wheat or gluten intolerance. This is usually people who have the hereditary Celiac Disease. (If you feel that this information is incorrect, please see my Lawyer Love page.)

So what happened when I was in my coma? More and more people are claiming to be sensitive to gluten. Okay fine, only those people can be the judge of that. What gets me is that items that are naturally gluten free are now advertising to be gluten free. They might as well label the products as being metal and rat poison free. It is such a blatent example of capitalizing on the rising trend of consumers avoiding glutens. Like my 'lil bottle of salad dressing. And Rice Chex. And tomato sauce (all listed items are also metal and rat poison free).

Here are some other items I found lying around my kitchen:

I should totally be in advertising
If you continued reading this post despite my warning and are now offended, let me conclude by saying, me sorry. My amusement is with the packaging labels, not you dear sweet. If you have removed gluten from your diet and perceive a benefit from doing so, then by all means keep at it. I have always been a proponent of doing what works for you. I have never tried a gluten free diet. The only thing I consider myself an expert on is the source of my own amusement. Right now, Gluten Free! stickers give me a chuckle or an eye roll, depending on my mood.

How many of you sweets have tried a gluten free diet? Did you notice a difference? What foods have you seen a gluten free sticker on?


  1. Oh my, your ranting cracks me up! I've been eating gluten free lately and it has definitely made a difference for me. I've had "stomach issues" for a while and with all the talk about gluten-free lately (you're right, it has kind of taken over the world!) I decided to try it.
    It's a bit silly to see EVERY product saying it's free of gluten though, I get it!

  2. I usually talk about mostly positive things on my blog because that's how I am-- mostly positive in my life.

    But I think it would be fun to branch out and do a ranting post or two on my blog, I'm going to think about this idea!

    I agree with the gluten free thing-- I saw that the other day on Rice Chex and thought it was dumb because it's always been that way!

  3. That is too funny, I was in Wholefoods a few nights ago and I agree with you that people are way too overly concerned with Gluten.
    Once I got home, I was putting away my items and noticed that I too must have jumped on the bandwagon becasuse all my products said "gluten free".

  4. The broccoli one is the funniest. The tea and the mustard could maybe possibly have some sort of additive or something that would warrant the label, but if someone claims to be sensitive to gluten and they don't know that broccoli is gluten free, then I question that person's dedication to a gluten free diet.

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