Monday, June 13, 2011

Closet Tour

Good almost afternoon sweets,

I don't know about you, but I lived in my workout clothes this weekend. (Eww, not the same pair sickos.) I would wake up and workout, then shower, only to put on another pair of workout clothes. It took everything I had not to wear workout clothes to a baseball game on Saturday night. I had a good was a sporting game after all, but HM looked so handsome I caved and put on regular clothes. I can't decide what this says about I lazy and only wear gym clothes? Or am I such an active person you never know when I will breakout into an exercise routine?

I received some emails requesting to see the rest of my closet after this post, and because my closet room was actually clean enough today (a rare event) I started snapping some pictures:

And in case you are wondering, yes I acknowledge I am a lucky lady and that HM is a wonderful husband to allow me to commandeer an entire room as my closet (even though he took over both closets in the master but that is not the point so I won't even bring it up). But how sad is it to see all those nice clothes hanging there, lonely and unused? I spend more time in items that are wrestled out of this bottom drawer:

What about you sweets? How many hours in a week would you say you spend in gym clothes verses regular clothes?


  1. Love your organization!!! What a fabulous place to know where to find everything! Go HM!! You have to tell me what your pup's name is!!! Cooper wants to play!

  2. Beautiful closet! Love all the space, love how you're very organized.
    Great idea for a post, I'm going to do a closet post one of these days as well!

  3. Well, I just loved your closet room that I created one of my own earlier this year...(mine, not so clean) I think I need a room just for workout attire, jackets and shoes. But to answer your question about work out clothes, I live in mine and that is why I have no problem buying more cute pieces! Although bike pants, not so cute - it kinda gives one the daiper bottom look....

  4. Um, I'm jealous at how huge your closet gets to be. A whole room, wow. Love how organized you are too!

  5. soo jealous of your closet!!! i wish i had room for that.. i am usually overly organized with my closet but due to lack of space... i am not any more! :(

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