Thursday, June 16, 2011

Calling All Sweets

I have a job for you sweets,

If the following post seems passive aggressive, that is because it is ABSOLUTELY passive aggressive. I am calling on all of you to help me convince HM of something......we NEED cruiser bikes for the summer. Can you imagine how much fun we could have? Cruising to bars and restaurants by our house. Did I mention we live by a huge park as well?

I love my dear HM, but sometimes he needs a little convincing. That is where you all come in. If you have a moment, please leave a comment and explain why cruiser bikes would make our summer the best ever!!!

Sweets- Why should HM cave and get a cruiser bike?


  1. ATTN HM: Mark and I have cruiser bikes and we love them! Because you use them for leisure, as oppose to sport, they're always an enjoyable ride. They remind you of riding bikes in your youth. You can ride to a nice park for an afternoon picnic. Beach cruiser pub crawls. They look cute hanging in the garage. They help save the environment and lower your gas bill. You can get a trailer and tow Buckley in it. They make beach cruiser cup holders which are fantastic for a morning coffee or an evening cocktail. YOU CAN NAME THEM! I named mine Lady Blue. Mark likes to think that his is "murdered out" because it's all black. DO IT!

  2. Dear HM,
    I cannot even begin to list the immense amount of benefits that having these bikes entails. I mean riding together = a healthy pastime which = a healthy mind and body which = a long lifespan. So in other words, if you do not get these bikes it is pretty much saying that you do not want Emily and yourself to live a long and healthy life... Geeze ;D

  3. No need for a designated driver! Exercise! Less money on gas!

  4. Exercise that isn't in the form of running.. aka, if you're legs get tired you can just sit (assuming you're not going uphill). Wind blowing in your hair... fun!

  5. Reasons HM needs to agree to get cruiser bikes… Emily, your wife, is an amazing person who deserves a pretty cruiser bike to ride casually around town. You can accompany her to the local hotspots and because it is Emily, you want to keep her happy. After a scarring experience of riding a bike on the hills of Buffalo Island with brakes on, she hates bike riding (although renting bikes in Ireland and riding around the double lake was an amazing experience). I think this would be a good opportunity for her to erase that dreadful memory and begin to love riding bikes again!

  6. The gear system on this cruiser is the Shimano internal3-speed California Bikes.

  7. California Bikes This cruiser also has a forward pedaling desigen, meaning the pedals are shifted four inches forward to allow for better leg extension and more open and comfortable seating postiion.
    beach cruiser bicycles

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