Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Total Knockout

Afternoon kids,

The universe continues to spit on my heart. It is still raining. I would like a little credit for loading dog into the car and driving towards the trail head. During the drive it quickly became clear that the universe had gone from a drizzling spit to full fledged luggi hacking. I apologized to Buckley and turned the car around and headed back home.

Instead of a trail run, I decided to finally try out this boxing gym that HM built in our garage. When he asked if I minded him installing boxing equipment in our garage, I assured him that I did not mind and immediately order pink boxing gloves to show my support. When they arrived on my doorstep, I gingerly picked them up and placed them gently on the shelf in my closet and there they have stayed for the last 6 months......UNTIL TODAY.......

Buckley was more confused than impressed
HM takes this very serious and had an entire routine I was told to follow (with an actual timer!). At each station, I was required to complete 3 minute rounds, 3 times (with a 1 minute break between rounds) before moving on to the next station. For those of you who are not good at math- that is 9 minutes of jumping rope! If you are reading this blog and you are 11 years old, that is not going to seem hard, but I am.....older than 11....and it was hard!

I only smiled on the first round
 All in all, I liked the workout change up. My shoulders feel fatigued from all the punching and I think it was a good toning exercise, but I still need to sneak in some cardio before the day is through. It was also nice to have not one but TWO handsome workout partners today! HM not pictured.

World's Small Fry Defender
 Following the workout, HM made me a lunch suitable for the new boxer that I am. Next up, we are going to get a recovery coffee. Fuel is very important to us boxers, duh.

Tuna sandwich, apples, and Baked Kettle Chips
I would like to leave you all with two helpful hints from my day:

1) Remember to keep you hands up to guard your face ~"from what?" I asked.
2) Putting food on a smaller plate makes you feel like you are eating more!!!!


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