Sunday, May 22, 2011

Take a Load Off Sweaty

Good Morning Sweets,

It may be my lazy Sunday.....but my gym bag feels heavier than usual. Seriously, this sucker is heavy. Now I will admit that I am guilty of the "quick clean" guerrilla warfare style of cleaning my room. This can sometimes result in me shoving floor items in bags and in drawers and then calling HM in so he can praise me on how clean my room looks. I fear that this has come back to haunt me because my gym bag is heevvvvvv vvveeeeey.

"Got any empty shot block wrappers I can chew on?" Yes, plenty.
A few items that can be purged from the bag are (but not limited to): an almost empty, 5 times refilled water bottle, MANY empty shot block wrappers, old movie stubs, an ace bandage, and all the small travel size bottles of lotions and sunblock (not a necessity when you workout inside the gym). Oh and the gross deodorant- Orient Blossom. Whatever that is, it smells like rotting fruit.
My bounty
 I think it is time to dump all of this on the floor so HM can praise me on how clean and organized my gym bag is a vicious cycle folks.

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