Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Omission is an Up-Hill Battle

Good Morning Sweets,

This weekend is the calm before the storm because Monday marks the begining of our training program for the South Valley Half in Herriman Utah. This will be HM's first race (over a 5K) and I am very excited to train together. He is nervous because he has never really run over 4 miles at a time.

I am nervous because the route's elevation looks like this:

My legs are too short to do hills :-)
I may or may not have omitted this information from my campaign to convince HM to sign-up. (He claims to read my blog daily.....let's see if that is true because he is going to freak when he see this!)

It is important that we train smart for this race so that we can do well. We will be using our finish time in this race as our proof of time required for the Wine and Dine Half in Disney World. So unless someone knows of a better alternative, it looks like we will be running a lot of hills on our training runs. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

HM's last time as a spectator
Our training schedule can be broadly described as a 3 day running week. Each run has a different purpose.

Run #1
The first run of the week will be an easy run. These runs are between 3-6 miles and can be run casually. I like to call it ladybug watching pace.

Run #2
The second run of the week is a track workout and is designed to help us increase our speed. It consists of intervals where we run at a faster pace for about 2 laps (followed by 1 lap at an easy pace) about 4 times.

Run #3
The final workout of the week will be our long run. This will help HM increase his endurance (and mine of course) and this will also be the run where we incorporate hills. They will be between 4-12 miles- the runs, not the hills!
I have used the Firsts Training Method for my last two races and although this is similar, the training plan I am using this time is from Kara Goucher's Running For Women.

Have any of you ever run the South Valley Half? What did you think?

Registration is still open folks...............

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  1. How cool that you're running together! Excited to hear how your training goes!


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