Friday, May 27, 2011

Hot On Your Trail

Hello Sweets,

I am not sure if I am alone here, but my favorite thing about getting my Runner's World magazine in the mail is opening it up to the Rave Run page. My heart skips a beat when I see those pictures of runners out in some cool nature-riffic setting.

I often try to recreate those scenic spreads, but it ends up looking more like this:
Not exactly Runner's World material. I have never seen an issue with a pose like this, not to mention anyone holding a coffee cup. They should have a dog issue, because Buckley has a few Rave Runs of his own.
Clearly he is the photogenic one in the bunch. I could learn a few things from this little man. Start talking Buckley 'cause mamas listening.
Again with the coffee, and whats up with my leg?
Maybe I could ask Miz Liz, my main running pal, for some advice. It looks like she has been taking lessons from Buckley.....
Definitely Rave Run material!!!!! I hope this summer is filled with many more days like this one. Ahhh pure bliss. Expect for the hills....why hills why?!?!?!

Well lets hear it- are you a Pavement Pounder or a Trail Trucker?


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