Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't Let The Terrorists Win

Please tell my parents that I love them and that I am safe. Also, please tell them not to bargain with the terrorists! Okay okay, I am being silly. I am not being held captive by a terrorist sect.....I just decided to use my iPad to photograph myself on the stair climber at the gym (not a good idea for the ego). Either way, this picture jeopardizes the American way of life.....gross.

Contrary to the photographic evidence, the stair climber is my favorite "go to" exercise when I don't feel like doing anything else.  Why? Because I can watch old episodes of Gossip Girl on my iPad. All episodes  run 40-45 minutes which is perfect for a interrogation cardio session.

Come to think of it, I would be on the stair climber right now if it weren't for a Katherin Heigl chick flick and an HM special elixir (or 2):
At least Tuesdays in our household are less wild........


  1. The stairs are killer! I should prbly do them more often. Way to go!


    I love GG too :)


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