Thursday, May 19, 2011

Excuses Are a Girl's Best Frenimie

Caution- Reading this post may interfere with your excuse making abilities!

I think it is safe to say that we all find excuses not to exercise. In fact, some of us are quite talented at drafting reasons we can't workout or go to the gym today. Bravo. I have recently taken a look at the roadblocks I create (or have created) for myself - to see if I can't banish them.

Before training with Team In Training for the 2009 SLC Half, I wouldn't run if it was raining, cold, snowing, or even lightly breezy. When I was told that the team would train "rain or shine" every Saturday my first thought was, but what if it is snowing? The answer.....we run!
I like to think of snow as POWDERED sugar, that all.
Once I realized that the worst that could happen was I could get wet, running in inclement weather didn't seem like such a roadblock anymore. In fact, this picture was taken by my running partner to document my bad @$$ warrior nature.

Another classic excuse I would use was what I will call the Vacation Excuse. This often happened when I was on vacation or had friends visiting. It went a little something like this - "I don't need to run this weekend, I am on vacation!! I will run when I get back home. Totally."

I have a group of very athletic friends, two of them Iron Men and, after going on a few vacations together, I started to notice that this was not a valid excuse in their playbooks. I took note and now I incorporate working out into every vacation. I will even drag house guests along on my workouts (just ask my sister in law!).
Worked out every morning - even on my bachlorette party weekend!
My third most common excuse is the ambiguous - not right now, I will do it later - song and dance. This one is the toughest to banish.

Reading Kara Goucher's Running For Women book helped me with this roadblock a lot. She suggests re-framing how you approach running (and it works for any type of exercise). Instead of saying to yourself- I have to run, try saying- I am just going out to get some fresh air for 20 minutes. I have tried phrasing it this way and it works! On longer run days she suggests to just get out and do two miles if the idea of the 5 on your training plan seems too daunting.....most of the time that will get you out the door and by 2 miles you will be warmed up and just do the 5 miles anyways. I have also tested this one and it works too!

So what is the point of this? I am still working on banishing the excuses that cause me to miss a workout, but I have become so much better. A couple days ago I was getting ready for the gym and WHOOPS forgot to put laundry in the dryer leaving me with this option:
Reminded self that this will not affect the calories burned
I patted my self on the back for lacing up my shoes anyways (I will just run faster so no one can focus on my socks, because you know they all like care.)

But then the universe tried to test my willpower again:

Well played universe, but you forgot that I have an iPad now and recently downloaded season 2 of Gossip Girl- you know you love me XOXO. Workout Girl.

In closing- take a look at your excuses and challenge them. Really stick it to Mr. Universe and get out there and exercise because once it is done, its yours and it can't be undone.


  1. What a fantastic blog! The idea of eating on a smaller plate is great. I think I will try this out... tomorrow :)

  2. Awesome post! Whenever I try to make an excuse I remind myself of how good I will feel after the workout and it usually does the trick!


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