Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Fun & The Birth Of This Blog

Hello there future fans of my blog....

This weekend I celebrated a friends birthday - per the birthday girl's request - by doing an epic hike up Grandeur Peak (in lovely Salt Lake City) 6:45 AM on a Saturday.

halfway back down deserves a photo break

While not most peoples' idea of a rocking good time, it turned out to be a lot of fun (when it was done and we could eat a guilt free breakfast). During the 2 miles of relentless climbing to the peak, I got to thinking.....

I would enjoy this even more if I were reading it on someone else's blog. 

Then came the "hey, I should blog!" moment. I love following fitness blogs (and interior design blogs but that is for another day). I workout, eat healthy, and never miss a Biggest Loser episode - making me TOTALLY qualified.

So there you have it - birthday fun and the birth of my new blog, Sweating Sugar.

Check in with me often, I will try to keep you entertained and inspired to stay fit...... or make you feel superior when you compare your workouts and eating habits to mine. There is something for everyone folks.....


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