Sunday, May 29, 2011

164 By 820

Hello Sweets,

If you have visited my Finish Line Love page, you know that HM and I are running the South Valley Half (in Herriman, Utah) on August 20, 2011. You may also notice the Daily Mile widget located in the right side bar of my blog.

yeah lady, we notice so what?

Well this race will be HM's first half marathon and to get him all PUMPED I sent the training schedule to him back in March. As the first training day finally approaches, I decided to count up all the miles of each run listed on the schedule......the result.......164 miles.

Oh I get it, 164 miles by 8/20.....cute.

HM is ready to embark on this training mission:

I have spent the last 2 years training with Miz Liz:

We seem to have a good running "groove" and the miles don't seem too long, so I am a bit nervous and excited to see how training with HM will go.  I am less likely to pout and act like a complete wuss around Miz Liz....but HM just seems to bring out those cute and endearing traits!

Watch as the Daily Mile count goes up each day (starting tomorrow) and cross your fingers that we complete all scheduled training runs by race day!!!  This is especially important since we will be sending our finish times as proof of our starting corral in the Disney World half.

Tell me sweets, how many of you create and FOLLOW a training plan for your races? 


  1. I follow all the training plans Emily creates for me :) ~Miz Liz

  2. That's why I like you!!!!!

  3. I can completely relate to being more likely to pout with my partner than my running buddy! Whats with that??

    Good luck with the training and I look forward to updates :)


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