Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ask The King Of Cool

Good Morning Sweets,

I am just starting to stir after taking one Advil PM last night before bed. Man, those things can put a girl down! Anyways, I missed breakfast with HM and by the time I finally got out of bed, he had eaten, enjoyed a few cups of coffee already and had even called Amazon to check on my return. Nice guy right?

My return to Amazon:
A couple of weeks ago, HM gave me a $100 gift card to Amazon. Nice guy right? This was right after our trip to Middle 'O Nowhere, Iowa.

Middle 'O Nowhere, Iowa
During that trip, HM went on a run with me in his Vibrams. Although it is unlikely that I will ever buy into the barefoot running idea (save your hate mail people), I did appreciate how little room the Vibrams took up in his suitcase. I decided to use my gift card to purchase my own pair...............for traveling and short runs only (especially in beachy settings, which Iowa is NOT).

I will see you at Christmas Dominican Republic!
When my Vibrams finally arrived I rushed to slip them on and sneak in a track workout (another way I rationalized the purchase). To my dismay, they were slightly big. I have a tendency to buy all clothing a size bigger than I actually wear - I ordered the 39 because my foot measured between the 38 and a 39. However, the sizing issue was second to the fact that the Vibrams made me look like a Sasquatch plowing my way through the Siberian plains. Not cute - here is a stock photo of what I ordered:
How my feet could look so wide yet the shoes took up so little room in a suitcase did not make sense using my maths. Anyways, they have been returned and I have my sights set on something new. I usually wear Asics 2150's:
But then I saw these babies:
What? Racing flats? Shoes that I would wear only during races? Am I cool enough for that? Although I have improved my running pace enough to move from "beginner", I am not quite at a level where Chariots of Fire play over the loud speakers when I cross the finish line......but on the other hand....they are super cute.......I decided I need to ask the King Of Cool:
"That's Mr. King of Cool to you plebeian!"
He was so great about it. Buckley explained that I am considered a competitive runner. I just compete against my best times not other runners. He assured me that I was cool enough to order these racing flats and furthermore, the laces looked delicious and he couldn't wait to taste them in person.............

I will keep you sweets informed of any new developments in this riveting shoe saga. In the meantime sweets,

Do you ever battle with feeling like you are not a REAL runner or TRUE athlete? How do you banish those thoughts?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hitting The Big Time

Good afternoon sweets,

Just wanted to share an exciting new development with you all. You can now visit Buckley and me at:

If overstock.com can do it, so can we!

Note to mother:

Yes, you can still read this blog through the old link sweatingsugar.blogspot.com. I know you were very proud of the fact you learned how to make a bookmark.

Yes, the content will be the same from either site.

Because, I am hitting the big time that's why.

Yes, I remembered to floss this morning geeez.

See you 'round sweets!

Toffee Magic and HM's Birthday

Good Morning Sweets,

The 'rents left early this morning and man did we have quite the send off. Here is a little glimpse into the damage of Sunday night:

We go bananas for birthdays!
We took the parents visit as an opportunity to celebrate both HM and my Dad's birthday (3 days and only a few million years apart). Since HM is 30 going on 80, he has an affinity for "old people flavors" like toffee, butterscotch, and maple. Since this was perfect for my father too, I decided to make them a very special cake/pie. It started with boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk for 2.5 hours......which is like performing magic since the result is TOFFEE!

MUCH better than it looks!
I then used a pre-made graham cracker pie crust and filled it with sliced bananas. I poured the completely cooled toffee over the bananas. I then added a thin layer of vanilla pudding followed by hand whipped cream. I sprinkled tiny chocolate chips on the top for extra wife/daughter points.

By the end of the evening, all birthday men were happy and very full! Here is a list of the ingredients and steps for those who would like to make this lovely pie. WARNING: This is not a healthy recipe!!! Enjoy at your own risk! You will definitely be Sweating Sugar! XOXOXO

G'dang this was good!
Shopping List:
  • 3 large bananas
  • 1 pre-made graham cracker crust
  • 1 small box of instant vanilla pudding
  • 1 6oz can of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 small carton of heavy whipping cream
  • tiny chocolate chips
  • vanilla extract (optional)
  • Remove label from can and boil sweetened condensed milk in a large pot for 2.5 hours -MAKE SURE THE CAN IS COMPLETELY COVERED BY WATER THE WHOLE TIME!!!
  • Let completely cool. This step can be done days/weeks in advance.
  • Slice bananas into pie crust. 
  • Cover with toffee.
  • Prepare pudding according to box directions and add a thin layer to pie.
  • Whip cream with mixer (adding about a tsp. of vanilla extract)
  • Add whipped cream to pie.
  • Sprinkle with chocolate chips.
  • Cool in fridge for at least an hour before serving.
  • Serve and receive praise from significant other and statements of "world's best daughter".
  • Add at least 45 minutes of cardio per slice.

Happy Birthday HM, I heart you.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

164 By 820

Hello Sweets,

If you have visited my Finish Line Love page, you know that HM and I are running the South Valley Half (in Herriman, Utah) on August 20, 2011. You may also notice the Daily Mile widget located in the right side bar of my blog.

yeah lady, we notice so what?

Well this race will be HM's first half marathon and to get him all PUMPED I sent the training schedule to him back in March. As the first training day finally approaches, I decided to count up all the miles of each run listed on the schedule......the result.......164 miles.

Oh I get it, 164 miles by 8/20.....cute.

HM is ready to embark on this training mission:

I have spent the last 2 years training with Miz Liz:

We seem to have a good running "groove" and the miles don't seem too long, so I am a bit nervous and excited to see how training with HM will go.  I am less likely to pout and act like a complete wuss around Miz Liz....but HM just seems to bring out those cute and endearing traits!

Watch as the Daily Mile count goes up each day (starting tomorrow) and cross your fingers that we complete all scheduled training runs by race day!!!  This is especially important since we will be sending our finish times as proof of our starting corral in the Disney World half.

Tell me sweets, how many of you create and FOLLOW a training plan for your races? 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Show Me The Cheese

Hello Sweets,

America, well at least followers of Sweating Sugar, have spoken. When asked what was the one food you sweets could not live without, the answer was a loud CHEESE......

Oh glorious cheese!
Well my dearest sweets, this week I have a new question for you.....

 Which are you most likely to enjoy?
a Sweltering Saturday or a Snowy Sunday
"I cant feel my paws!"
"Man it is hot out here!"

Go ahead an vote now (top right side of the blog) because the polls close next Friday.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hot On Your Trail

Hello Sweets,

I am not sure if I am alone here, but my favorite thing about getting my Runner's World magazine in the mail is opening it up to the Rave Run page. My heart skips a beat when I see those pictures of runners out in some cool nature-riffic setting.

I often try to recreate those scenic spreads, but it ends up looking more like this:
Not exactly Runner's World material. I have never seen an issue with a pose like this, not to mention anyone holding a coffee cup. They should have a dog issue, because Buckley has a few Rave Runs of his own.
Clearly he is the photogenic one in the bunch. I could learn a few things from this little man. Start talking Buckley 'cause mamas listening.
Again with the coffee, and whats up with my leg?
Maybe I could ask Miz Liz, my main running pal, for some advice. It looks like she has been taking lessons from Buckley.....
Definitely Rave Run material!!!!! I hope this summer is filled with many more days like this one. Ahhh pure bliss. Expect for the hills....why hills why?!?!?!

Well lets hear it- are you a Pavement Pounder or a Trail Trucker?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lululemon Camo's

Hello Sweets,

It is Thursday, know what I'm saying? Lululemon upload day. Unst unst unst! My favorite day of the week used to be Tuesdays (I will see you in September Biggest Loser) but now it is Thursdays.

Readers- does that sound as lame when you read it as it does for me to type it? Whatever.

Last week I ordered the black Wunder Under Camos. The Wunder Unders are my absolute favorite style pants from Lululemon but, I was not 100% happy with these because the material was a bit thin and shinny. I would have returned them but HM said they made my backside look great so well.....nuf said.

If HM likey, I likey
Here is a better look at the cool camo pattern:

How many workout clothes does a girl need? I guess it depends on how often she does laundry. Seriously though, I spend a lot of the time in my workout clothes. I workout 2 times a day, 6-7 days a week and I hate doing laundry...let's see...according to math....I need a lot of workout clothes.

I am currently in love with most of Lululemon's line. The colors are great and the fit is second to none. The better I feel when I am working out, the harder I push myself. If I feel like an athlete, I workout like an athlete. If I feel frumpy....well you get the idea.

It does not have to be any certain brand, or even what you wear, but the better you feel walking into the gym, the more you are going to get out of your workout.

So sweets- what makes you feel good going into a workout? Pep talk? That special tank? Full glam make-up? Let me know.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crocs, Socks and a Restock

Hello Sweets,

Guess what today has in store for me? Did you guess two separate grocery shopping extravaganzas? Then you are correct. We have house guests coming for the weekend (my parents) and that means it is time to deep clean the house and restock the fridge.

We hit up Cosco early in the morning in order to avoid over stressing our relationship. I honestly believe that place is as close to hell as you can get and it is where happy couples go to fight. To avoid this trap, HM and I develop games to keep us otherwise occupied. Today's game?

Crocs and Socks!

Boom! One point for me!!!!!

Costco- Where Prices and Fashion Faux Pas Can't Be Beat!

In the end, it was a victory for me and we made it home happily with some of our favorites:

Those black bean burgers are AMAZING!
Here is a sneak peek into our lives through our refrigerator. If you were our house guest, would you find it to your liking?

Magnet- "Nothing Tastes As Good As Being Thin Feels"

Please focus on the produce, not the booze
 Well, I would love to stay and chat, but I need to go to the regular store now......because sometimes a girl just wants to buy a single onion.

Tell Me- What are your MUST HAVES from Costco or Sam's Club?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Buckley Says: Vote

Hello Sweets,

I hope the day has treated you well. I have decided to add a poll to Sweating Sugar each week. I want to know what you crazy kids think on all the important issues. Starting with:

What is the one food you could not live without?

So please take a moment to weigh in- your voice must be heard America!!!! (The poll is located in the top right column of this blog and will  close each Friday)
Buckley Says: Don't Forget To Vote!

Omission is an Up-Hill Battle

Good Morning Sweets,

This weekend is the calm before the storm because Monday marks the begining of our training program for the South Valley Half in Herriman Utah. This will be HM's first race (over a 5K) and I am very excited to train together. He is nervous because he has never really run over 4 miles at a time.

I am nervous because the route's elevation looks like this:

My legs are too short to do hills :-)
I may or may not have omitted this information from my campaign to convince HM to sign-up. (He claims to read my blog daily.....let's see if that is true because he is going to freak when he see this!)

It is important that we train smart for this race so that we can do well. We will be using our finish time in this race as our proof of time required for the Wine and Dine Half in Disney World. So unless someone knows of a better alternative, it looks like we will be running a lot of hills on our training runs. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

HM's last time as a spectator
Our training schedule can be broadly described as a 3 day running week. Each run has a different purpose.

Run #1
The first run of the week will be an easy run. These runs are between 3-6 miles and can be run casually. I like to call it ladybug watching pace.

Run #2
The second run of the week is a track workout and is designed to help us increase our speed. It consists of intervals where we run at a faster pace for about 2 laps (followed by 1 lap at an easy pace) about 4 times.

Run #3
The final workout of the week will be our long run. This will help HM increase his endurance (and mine of course) and this will also be the run where we incorporate hills. They will be between 4-12 miles- the runs, not the hills!
I have used the Firsts Training Method for my last two races and although this is similar, the training plan I am using this time is from Kara Goucher's Running For Women.

Have any of you ever run the South Valley Half? What did you think?

Registration is still open folks...............

Monday, May 23, 2011

Don't Let The Terrorists Win

Please tell my parents that I love them and that I am safe. Also, please tell them not to bargain with the terrorists! Okay okay, I am being silly. I am not being held captive by a terrorist sect.....I just decided to use my iPad to photograph myself on the stair climber at the gym (not a good idea for the ego). Either way, this picture jeopardizes the American way of life.....gross.

Contrary to the photographic evidence, the stair climber is my favorite "go to" exercise when I don't feel like doing anything else.  Why? Because I can watch old episodes of Gossip Girl on my iPad. All episodes  run 40-45 minutes which is perfect for a interrogation cardio session.

Come to think of it, I would be on the stair climber right now if it weren't for a Katherin Heigl chick flick and an HM special elixir (or 2):
At least Tuesdays in our household are less wild........

Drop And Give Me 100

Hello Sweets,

Today marks the completion of week 1 of the 100 push-up challenge. HM and I decided to give it a whirl and see if, as it claims, we can get to 100 consecutive (good form!) push-ups at the end of 6 weeks.
Don't judge our form - we were tired and this was only for the photo!

After completing the initial test to measure our starting point, it was recommended that we start at week 3.......yeah that's right folks......we were already so awesome we got to skip a grade (2 actually). We decided to only skip to week 2. So when I say we completed week 1, I really mean we completed week 2.

I don't want to embarrass HM so I will just tell you my initial test round consisted of 22 push-ups. Unst Unst Unst. HM did do more than I did......but not that much more.
Next Challenge- 100 Buckley Curls
So dear readers, how many consecutive push-ups can you do?
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